CRO Products and Services

Therapeutic Areas of Expertise

KRGI specializes both in new drugs and medical devices clinical trials

o Anesthesiology o Cardiovascular
o Dental/Maxillofacial Surgery o Dermatology/ Plastic Surgery
o Dialysis o Endocrinology
o Gastroenterology o Hematology
o Immunology/ Infectious Diseases o Musculoskeletal
o Nephrology/Urology o Neurology
o Obstetrics/Gynecology o Oncology
o Ophthalmology o Otolaryngology
o Pain Management o Pharmacology/Toxicology
o Pediatrics/Neonatology o Psychiatry/Psychology
o Pulmonary/Respiratory Diseases o Respiratory
o Rheumatology o Spinal Cord Trauma
o Transplantology o Trauma/Emergency Medicine
o and some other areas